Cross-border Tips

*Please note that an enhanced driver’s license is simply one alternative to other cross-border documents such as passports.
Getting Your Enhanced Driver’s License
Enhanced drivers’ licenses are convenient documents that double as valid drivers’ licenses and passports. They allow American holders to enter Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean and re-enter U.S. from these locations. EDLs are only accepted at land and sea border crossings and cannot be used for air travel. This renders it an especially valuable document for vacationing, quick trips, and business travel.
The State of Michigan issues enhanced Graduated Driver’s Licenses for youth under the age of 18 who have passed all their drivers’ tests. Adults 18-years-of-age or older who have never had licenses must successfully complete the written knowledge, road signs, vision, and driving skills tests before receiving an enhanced license.

Application Process and Requirements
In Michigan, you can apply for an EDL if:
  1. You are a U.S. citizen and resident of Michigan
  2. You do not have suspensions, revocations, violations, or denials on your driving record that would prevent you from legally operating a motor vehicle
To apply:
  1. Visit any Secretary of State office and make sure you bring documentation of:
    • A valid Social Security number (ie. on a Social Security card)
    • Identity (ie. a current Michigan photo license or ID card)
    • U.S. citizenship (ie. an approved copy of your birth certificate with a raised seal that must be issued by the government)
    • Residency (ie. an up-to-date Michigan photo license or ID card)
  2. Have a new personal photo taken
  3. Pay $45 for a first-time standard enhanced license. Please note there are additional fees for Commercial Driver License designations and endorsements and first-time enhanced chauffeur licenses.

*All above information is provided by the Ruth Johnson, Secretary of State website, which can be found here