BIA Content Submission Guidelines

Info Blog
Word Count:300-800
General content about anything not included in the other categories (history of the area, culture, notable people, etc.).
Sales, Specials & Promotions
Word Count: 100-300 Advertisements used to draw people to particular businesses in your BIA.
  • Who is running the sale?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Start and end dates
  • Terms and Conditions (the fine print)
Goal of Sale:
Additional Notes for Imaginative Group: High-res image to be attached
Business Profile
Word Count: 500-1000 A small-to-midsize feature about a company of interest within your BIA.
  • Name of Business
  • History of the Business (e.g. how long have they been open, are they new to the community, major events in their past)
  • What makes it unique?
  • How is it involved in the community/BIA?
  • What does it sell; what services does it offer?
  • What is its goal/vision for the future of the business?
  • How has Windsor affected the business? (e.g. was it easier to run the business, did the culture affect the business)
  • What do you want the community to know about the business?
Upcoming Sales/Events/Specials:
Addition Notes for Imaginative Group: High-res image to be attached
Special events that are happening in your BIA.
  • Name of event?
  • When is it?
  • Where is it?
  • Who should attend?
  • What can we expect at the event?
  • What makes the event unique, why should people attend?
  • Why is the event being run (e.g. what’s it celebrating, who’s supporting it, are any charities benefiting?)
  • History of the event (how many have been run, what success have they had?)
  • How is the BIA involved?
Addition Notes for Imaginative Group: High-res image to be attached

Image Guidelines
Photos or artwork that supplement a blog.
  • Minimum Image Resolution: 1,080px (short-edge)
  • No added text included in the image
  • Must be original content
  • Each blog post needs attached image
  • Image must not have added filters or edits
  • File must be in .jpg or .png format
Photos or artwork to be used in Prime Slider position must be at least 1920px x 1080px
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