The Best Of: Windsor Sandwich Shops

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November 13, 2018

The Best Of: Windsor Sandwich Shops

Best Sandwich Shops in Windsor Ontario

Every foodie knows that there’s a time and a place for an epic sandwich. It’s a full meal that fits right between your hands and there’s just something magical about that. Whether you’re craving a wild and Instagram-worthy creation, or you’ve just got a hankering for a classic deli sub, there are plenty of awesome sandwich joints to explore in Windsor-Essex.

If you’re on the hunt for a nice little spot to grab a sandwich while taking in the free Wi-Fi and hipster vibes…..then this is definitely not the place for you. For more than 30 years, Buskers has been a family-run community staple for classic subs (like their house oven-roasted turkey breast) and incredible ice cream (grape for the win). While you won’t get all the frills here (or really any), you will get great customer service and super fresh subs. Besides, where else can you chase your sandwich with a few scoops of ice cream? If you don’t mind sitting outside or taking your order to go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Buskers Submarines Windsor

The Carvery
If you’re looking for a place with a cool vibe, good side dishes and hearty portions, this is your spot. Run by Vancouver transplants, it’s a little gem sandwiched (pun intended) in between two neighbourhoods on Wyandotte Street. If you’re not careful, you’ll drive right past it! Our favourite thing about this place? The side dishes are just as good as the sandwiches so it’s easy to put together an awesome meal that is sure to satisfy your exact craving.

Bread Meats Bread

If you’re strolling through the downtown core and find yourself in the mood for a hearty sandwich this little spot on Chatham Street won’t disappoint. The fresh vibe of the interior pairs perfectly with the quality used ingredients which are sure to send your taste buds into overdrive. With a menu that changes a few times each year, there’s always something new and fun to try. Featuring a small selection of gourmet sandwiches, this place makes their own sauces and sources fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. They’ll even offer you an alcoholic beverage to wash it all down. Insider tip: Do not leave without ordering the gnocchi side dish, trust us!



If Italian subs and absurd portions are your jam, you need to head over to Giglio’s! This place is a grocery shop up front with a build your own sub (or try one of their classics) at the back deli counter kind of joint. Sure their special with prosciutto, banana peppers and ricotta cheese might sound super weird but we can assure you it’s an incredible combination that will rock your socks! A word to the wise (and budget conscious), two people can easily share one sub.

The Squirrel Cage
A downtown go-to for brunch on the weekends, this hip little spot tucked away on Maiden Lane is an awesome place to grab a sandwich during the week. With awesome owners that enjoy playing chill music and serving liquor, delicious sandwiches are simply the cherry on top. Their famous toasted Panini’s are delicious and while they don’t have a huge menu (less than 10 sandwiches), they make up for it with a solid variety of options sure to satisfy every palate. In need of a complete meal? They’ve always have frequently changing fresh salad options and a few treats if you want to end things on a sweet note.

Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich?! There’s nothing quite like ooey gooey cheese melted between bread. It completely transcends age barriers and traditional meal structures entirely. If you’re a big grilled cheese fan, this place will straight up blow your mind. Their massive menu is loaded with every kind of grilled cheese sandwich imaginable, yet every month they manage to think up another unique option for their rotating special. They’ve also got a big salad bar where you can create your own or choose one of their basics to partner with your sandwich. Whether you’re 4 or 104, this spot is a must for when that grilled cheese craving strikes you!



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