The Best Of: Windsor Noodle Houses

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The Best Of: Windsor Noodle Houses

Colder temperatures and gloomy weather tend to bring on cravings for warm comfort foods. There’s nothing quite like cozying up to a big bowl of something yummy like noodle dishes and ramen! If this sounds familiar then you’ll want to bundle up and head out to one of these awesome spots in Windsor to get your noodle fix (with or without broth):

Spoon Ramen – 1790 Wyandotte Street – University of Windsor area
Nestled into the bustling University neighbourhood, is this fairly new ramen hotspot where you can escape and kick back with a steaming hot bowl of ramen or an order of pork dumplings. Your Instagram followers will thank you later!

Café March 21st – 480 Pelissier Street – Downtown Windsor
A café by nature, this cozy little nook downtown has some great ramen options! While you won’t find any fancy pulled noodles or exotic toppings here, you will find bowls full of hearty noodles, a variety of meats, vegetables and even vegan dumplings (my personal favourite). Don’t forget to order a drink or a dessert as well. Oh, and this place also has excellent coffee and loads of cute homemade treats you won’t want to miss!

Spoon Ramen Windsor Ontario     Cafe March 21st Windsor Ontario Vegan Ramen

Eros Asian Eatery – 2270 Wyandotte Street – University of Windsor area
This lively little place just steps away from the University campus offers a variety of Pan-Asian dishes and some seriously awesome noodle options. If you’re walking too fast down Wyandotte Street you might pass it by entirely, but around lunch time this place fills up fast with faculty and students alike. They’re Singapore style noodles, pad thai dishes and stir-fry mixes will curb your craving and if you’re in the mood for ramen, stop by on a Saturday for their special rotating combinations that won’t disappoint.

Pho Xic Lo – 1750 Wyandotte Street – University of Windsor area
If you ask any Windsor foodie where they get their vermicelli fix, you’ll most likely be directed to this place … and for good reason! While the décor and vibe may be simple, the food speaks for itself. Their long list of vermicelli dishes give you the choice of adding a variety of protein or even crunchy spring rolls on top of your dish and their flavours are on point.

Eros Asian Noodles Windsor Ontario     Pho Xic Lo Vietnamese Windsor Ontario

Pho Maxim – 567 Pelissier Street – Downtown Windsor
If you don’t feel like venturing all the way down Wyandotte, you’ll be happy with this spot in the downtown core. A bright and modern interior makes it a great spot to relax and kick back with a group or take in a solo lunch date. They offer a variety of vermicelli dishes and thai noodle options that are sure to impress.

House Of Pad Thai – 903 Wyandotte Street East – Wyandotte Town Centre
If you’re looking for a more authentic Thai food experience, don’t pass up this little spot on the corner of Parent and Wyandotte. They offer a variety of awesome flavor and ingredient combos served up in old school Asian takeout boxes. Don’t forget to pick up a thai iced tea and a mango salad to make it a meal!

Pho Maxim Windsor Ontario     House Of Pad Thai Windsor Ontarioi

What are some of your favourite noodle places in Windsor?

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