Roots & Rhythm Festival Brings Caribbean Flavour to Downtown Windsor

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Roots & Rhythm Festival Brings Caribbean Flavour to Downtown Windsor

Roots & Rhythm Windsor Music Festival

This weekend, Windsor’s Caribbean Roots and Rhythm Music Festival is transforming Festival Plaza into a showcase of authentic music, food and art from the Caribbean culture. If you’re a big fan of the Caribbean Carousel of the Nations village, you seriously can’t miss this event! It’s the same vibe but on a bigger scale and it does not disappoint.

If you’ve never tried Caribbean food and don’t really know much about the culture, this is your chance to soak it all up without ever buying a plane ticket. If the smell of jerk chicken and rice doesn’t lure you in, then you can bet that the funky reggae or soca beats will!

Reggae originated in Jamaica in the 1960s and has evolved over the years from Calypso, African music, American Jazz and rhythm and blues. It was widely known in the 70s thanks to the great Bob Marley and it’s basically a slower version of rocksteady. Musicians were trying to slow down their rocksteady beats and Reggae was born! Headliner band Third World (from Kingston Jamaica) have been playing reggae for more than 40 years. They’ve produced more than 21 albums and they’re recognized as one of the greats so you can’t miss their set! Soca, known as the sexy music of the Caribbean, is upbeat and super club-oriented. Alison Hinds and Rupee, all the way from Barbados, will have your hips swaying to these beats in no time.

And what’s a celebration of sound without a celebration of food!? Vendors will be serving up classics like jerk chicken, oxtail stew, curry goat and more so whether you’ve always been curious about the flavours, or you’re already addicted to them, it’s the perfect place to chill out and grab a bite to eat.

Visit the website for more information and a detailed schedule. VIP tickets, day passes and a full weekend pass are available to purchase here. Get yours now and let’s get the party started Windsor!

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