Carousel of the Nations: Weekend #1 Recap

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June 19, 2018
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June 21, 2018

Carousel of the Nations: Weekend #1 Recap

If you didn’t get a chance to explore any Carousel of the Nations villages last weekend, it’s safe to say that you seriously missed out. Thinking you might have some regrets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our recap from the first weekend and get a better idea of what the villages offer so you can get in on the fun before it’s too late.

With villages spread out across the city, the schedule boasts a wonderful variety of cultural experiences. If you missed it last weekend, you’ll want to look at the schedule for this upcoming weekend to see which villages you can explore before the festival wraps up on Sunday, June 24th.

Three of the festivals we explored last weekend will be opening their doors again on Friday (Bavarian, Greek, and Scottish) while five will not be. While you may be upset that you’ve missed a few, the second weekend will see new villages opening that weren’t around last weekend as well. This weekend, you can check out the Chinese, Italian, and Slovak villages or give the second Serbian one a go.

Regardless of which villages you explore, you’re bound to find a ton of delicious and unique food, traditional entertainment, and incredibly friendly people. We visited eight villages during the first weekend and each one was a unique experience:


– The Serbian Grachanica village is one of our favourites. With a large outdoor seating area and a playground for the kids, it’s a great place to catch traditional music and dance groups while enjoying a hearty plate full of Cevap and potato salad. Don’t forget to grab a few desserts to go as well!

– The Scottish village was full of song and dance with bagpipe bands and traditional dancers entertaining the crowds are they chowed down on traditional Scottish fish and chips and their incredible meat pies (Bridies).

– The Bavarian village is the perfect spot to grab a pretzel, a schnitzel sandwich, and an ice-cold beer. The best part? Their patio is an awesome place to relax and soak up the sunshine.

– The Polish village is full of energy. With dance music, an indoor art showcase, and a fun outdoor vibe, you’re smart to come hungry. Grab a combination plate to try out a few different specialties or just fill up on pierogies. We don’t judge!


– We had a blast learning more about the history and culture of Macedonia at their village. With some incredible artifacts, maps, wardrobe pieces, and photographs, their village was an immersive experience unlike any other. Plus the food was awesome!

– The Greek village is always an experience but this year it’s bigger and better at their new location on Walker Rd. We walked into a huge lineup for tickets and food but it moved so quickly, we were chowing down on gyro, flaming cheese, and salad before we knew it. There’s always loads of entertainment on the stage as well. Pro tip: you can’t come here without getting the honey balls! Trust us on this one.

– The Hungarian village is small in size but mighty in taste. If you’re a schnitzel fan, this is the place to be! The people are friendly, there’s music to dance to, and plenty of food and drinks to enjoy.

– The Romanian village boasts a big outdoor and indoor facility and dishes up some traditional food you won’t want to miss. Cabbage rolls are a must and the feta pies are super delicious. Plus, you can check out their showcase of information and history in the church basement and have a drink outside under the stars with a great view of the stage.

Which village is YOUR favourite?

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