Downtown Windsor BIA

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June 29, 2017

Downtown Windsor BIA

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association represents over 615 businesses in the city centre. The DWBIA’s boundaries extend just south of Giles Ave. and Ouellette Ave. to Riverside Dr., and on the west side from Bruce Ave. to Glengarry St. on the east.

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association plays an active role in the facilitation of and activity amongst its key stakeholders, which include, but are not limited to, member businesses, municipal government, other government agencies, the arts and cultural community, and the general public. Through its leadership in advocacy, infrastructure, development, and promotion, the DWBIA works to ensure downtown Windsor is the preferred place to work, visit, live, and play.

The association exists to effectively represent the interests of all its member sectors as they relate to the economic, political, and social vitality of the downtown business district. The DWBIA advocates for continuous improvement, promotes sustainable growth, cultivates and protects the uniqueness and creative spirit within our city centre. As a proponent for downtown revitalization, the DWBIA strives to create and nurture a downtown that defines the character of the Windsor region and actively works to invest in amenities that people want, need, and use.

Check out the Downtown Windsor BIA website to learn more!

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